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Friday, February 15, 2013

Rejection is a good thing?

Rejection! What is it really? Is it a dirty word? It certainly implies negativity but can we turn this around into a positive. I believe we can. Let me tell you why! If you are going to be in any sort of industry like the film industry you’ll need to get a thick skin! Period! I’m no stranger to rejection. There are days when I get up and I feel like I’m getting nothing but rejection! I learned a long time ago that if I sit down and feel sorry for myself because was rejected or I got no reply today on something that I submitted for or if I had a client who wasn’t happy or if I didn’t get an article written…whatever. I learned a long time ago that I wouldn’t let it carry me away. A thick skin can go a long way toward helping you succeed. Once you can move past the fear of rejection, the flood gates open because you’re no longer afraid to put yourself out there. Quite frankly, most of us fail because we’re afraid to put ourselves out there. We’re afraid of the rejection, of not being a success! We’re afraid of the failure! We’re afraid of what other people will think! We’re afraid of letting ourselves down! But it’s okay! Let yourself down! It’s okay because you can learn from it! You can get past the insecurities you might have and while nobody likes to fail…failure can be a very strong motivator! When faced with a failure a lot of us might be spurred to action! A marathoner who runs a race doesn’t give up when he’s come in second! He laces up his sneakers and he gets to practicing, perfecting and honing his skill so next time around he’ll be FIRST! Young people especially want to feel like they always have the answer for instance. They can’t take no for example! They can’t admit when they’re wrong or say they’re sorry! My point is quite simply that rejection can be your friend. It tells you that you need to improve upon something. It tells you to keep working…not give up! If everybody gave up when faced with rejection we wouldn’t have any children in the world, or astronauts, or gold miners or the ability to type and then backspace because we got it wrong the first time. And please don’t misinterpret my message! I am not implying you should just throw caution to the wind and be careless because it’s okay to get rejected. It is okay to get rejected! It’s not personal! No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re throwing yourself out there as an option for whatever someone is seeking, please remember that it’s not personal. They’re not rejecting you! It’s business! They’re rejecting your idea. Maybe they like your idea but somebody else had a better idea. You don’t know. And you shouldn’t let it keep you from trying for the next thing. You are not the only cookie in the jar and competition is huge so please keep in mind that you are not being rejected so much as they are choosing another option! Stay the course, keep plugging away at what you’ve chosen and have a strategy. Watch the conversations you have because your words become your habits. So my instruction this time is to go ahead and put yourself out there on something you have wanted to try! Do it with class! Do it with style! Do it with good intention and with professionalism and do it to the best of your ability! And if you get rejected, don’t take it personally! Take a few minutes to think about it! Did you learn anything from it! Can you change anything about it! Could you do a better cover letter? Could you have listed more contact information! Could you update your look! Whatever it is, take something away from it, dust yourself off and then simply ask yourself what did I learn from this to turn that no into yes next time! Sometimes it’s just not your turn. Sometimes somebody else just had a better submission. I’m not saying it doesn’t sting! It does and you will have a bad day from time to time. Everyday you can talk yourself down or you can talk yourself up and in the end, you have to be your own best friend. Practice makes perfect and pretty soon you will be having success and building your own momentum.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Makeup Removal

I need makeup removal help!
People are always asking me questions about one subject or another having to do with haircare, makeup or hairstyling.  Since taking the course to become a personal trainer I’m starting to get those too now.   I remember specifically this young girl who had gotten some makeup for Christmas!  She loves the idea of the smokey eye but she wears contacts.  After a visit with me, her recently purchased makeup in hand, we accentuated her eyes and contoured her nose as if she were a glamour queen on a photo shoot!  While she loved the look she was uncertain about how to remove the waterproof makeup. 

I had to be gentle.  She was so excited about her new makeup and her choices.  But I told her, First let me say this:  I usually reserve waterproof makeup for specific reasons where such a thing is necessary; like a day at the beach, the pool or if I’m going to be on a an outdoor set in very  hot humid weather.  You may find other times when a waterproof makeup is appropriate for you but for everyday makeup it is important not to confuse the desire for a long wearing makeup with the need for waterproof makeup.  There are amazing long wearing products available in any drugstore that can and do wear well and require little to not reapplication under normal circumstances. 

Waterproof makeup like eyeliner and mascara can become difficult to remove and can also become irritating after a few hours because of the waterproofing agents. 

To remove these makeups, the most effective products I have found are simple baby oil, Vaseline or PONDS cold cream.  However, my favorite is a Vitamin E which you can find in the vitamin section.  But don’t be surprised if you are left with residual makeup requiring a second round of removal to get it all off.  This is one of the reasons I recommend long wear vs. waterproof. 

I hope this is useful information!  I love answering my readers’ questions so if there is a question I can answer for you please go to the ASK SHEIL section and submit! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Negotiating 101

Tis the season to be spending!  It’s unavoidable but one thing is for sure, the art of negotiation can come in handy when you know you are going to be making a lot of purchases. 

There are a few simple rules to follow when you really want an item but would either like or need a price other than the advertised price!

1.      Remember that everything is negotiable, especially in this economic environment.  Stores not only want to move product, but they need to move it out of their storeroom to make way for the next season of merchandise.  This can be great news for you when looking to make a deal.

2.      You get more bees with honey so when you’re asking for a discount, be nice!  More often than not, the salesperson doesn’t own the store..they just work there! They are a consumer just as you are and they understand the need for a great price.  They want to help you get the item you want because not only is it their job, it makes them feel good when you leave having made a purchase that they helped you with.  So make them feel good first! Recruit them!    Get them on your side!  They will go out of their way to help you get that item!

3.       If they cannot lower the price of the item, discounts come in various other forms like promotional gift cards, free shipping, free delivery, free setup…or many others so in the absence of an actual discounted item price, ask what else may be available.  The salesperson likes you now so they want to help!

4.      Read the flyers and the tags.  If an item has been discounted multiple times already, that’s a clue that it's been there for a while and they want to move it out to make room for new.  This will give you a bit of leverage when asking for the discount.  Point out that you are aware it has already been discounted but you will be willing to take it off their hands for one more discount…perhaps it’s free shipping, free delivery or free cleaning (which may come in handy on a large purchase like a new sofa). 

5.      Be grateful!  The interaction not only impacts your day, but the salesperson's day as well so remember to be grateful and memorable.  It will pay off!  Take this opportunity to give them your business card if you have one.  Since you were a pleasure to do business with, they may be more likely to store the information rather than simply trash it!  

Try these techniques and post a comment.  I’d love to hear your tips and techniques as well.  Thanks for stopping by!

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